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Our 3D animation work

3D Animation Production

From new product visualisations for startups to adding the finishing touches to high-end beauty product commercials.

Frantic can provide your business with a wide range of 3D animation services.

As a leading 3D animation company, we understand the complex workflows and processes required to deliver stunning, photo-realistic promotional animation, from detailed designs to intricate liquid animation.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is made up of three sequential stages, all of which are essential for making your videos look as good as possible.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a 3D animated video, from designing every object it features, to lighting design, then rendering how they move within the 3D animated space. The process can be broken down as follows:

3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting

In order to create high-quality 3D animated videos, the various 3D elements and objects need to be created and designed in advance of animation.

Once modelled, the surface and texture of every object will be designed. Each material reflects and absorbs light, casts shadows and interacts with other textures differently, and an object as complex as a car can require up to 200 different materials.


You might be surprised to see that animation itself is not the first part of the process, but there’s is a lot to consider, plan and design in advance before you’ve animated the first frame.

Since each moving part in a 3D animation needs to be manipulated accurately — whether by keyframe animation, using motion capture data, or programming a set path — preparation is essential for making your animated video look as impressive as it possibly can.

3D Rendering

The final part of the 3D animation process is 3D rendering, which turns the raw working 3D files into fully-finished animations.

As a highly technical endeavour in its own right, using the right renderer for the right task is very important to achieving the final look.

We use Redshift and Cinema 4D to give our animations the ultimate combination of realism, quality and speed.


3D Liquids Animation

At Frantic, we have a deep understanding of many specialist areas, including how to set up, simulate, animate, and texture liquids for complex 3D animation.

This highly specialist area uses a lot of computing power and technical know-how, but the results are stunning. The technique also offers a vast range of flexibility for brands to showcase drinks, beauty products, or natural environments in a way that traditional live-action filming cannot achieve.


Stop Motion Animation

A much more organic and tactile style of animation production, which involves photographing real objects and compiling a sequence based on a series of still photographs.

Stop motion not only looks beautiful and traditional, but it can also create a unique tone of voice for any brand. It is also easily replicated, to stunning effect, without the need to actually shoot the real thing. Motion graphics and animation are rendered using a lower frame rate and shutter irregularities to simulate stop motion in a realistic way.


What is the difference between 3D and 2D animation?

While both kinds of animation will most likely be seen by viewers on a 2D screen, the difference between 2D and 3D animation is in the planes the videos themselves create. A 2D animation only moves vertically and horizontally in its space, whereas an object designed using a 3D animation process can move through the depth of its background. This is why most 3D animation is done through computer generation, while the majority of 2D animation is completed in illustrated form.

What is the difference between CG and 3D animation?

The short answer? There isn’t one! CGI stands for computer-generated imagery and is the wider term for any visuals created digitally using computer software.

The term can be used interchangeably. 3D animation can be used to create a flat colour 3D look, but it is most commonly used to create photo-realistic 3D animation and visual effects.

Our Process

How are 3D animated videos made?

No matter what techniques we use, or how complex it will be, we always follow the same series of steps to make our videos.


Whether or not your video includes dialogue, a script will provide a crucial framework on which your video will be built.

Storyboarding & Designing

This part of the process confirms the overall look of your video, as well as giving an idea of how each shot and scene will flow into the next.


As an animated video production company, this is our bread and butter, from adding text to live-action videos to creating a 3D product animation from scratch.

Voice Over & Music

The final stage of the video production process, incorporating music or a voiceover can further help explain the benefits of your brand or product, bringing your content to life.

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