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TV advertising production

Animated TV commercial production for brands looking for creative excellence.

Our TV advertising production services

From startups to leading global brands, Frantic has been able to bring bespoke high-end animated TV commercials and motion graphics to the advertising process.

We often collaborate closely with our clients during the creative development phase, but we’re equally happy to work from finished scripts and storyboards.

Although we can direct live-action shoots with actors and sets, our passion lies in animated TV commercial production. Like all animation studios worth their salt, we also have a deep understanding of greenscreen filming and post-production. Whatever your business wants from our commercial production services, we can work with you to deliver a top quality advertising campaign that seamlessly mixes reality with animation.

CGI Product Animation

Whether launching a new brand of vodka, or demonstrating the features of a robotic vacuum cleaner, we understand how best to utilise photoreal CG animation to bring new products to life.

We can build 3D models from scratch, or work with your existing 3D files to create engaging and informative product feature sections within live-action TV adverts.

Our experience spans across multiple complex areas of CG, including liquid animation, foods, clothing, mechanical parts and car animation. No matter the requirements of your TV commercial, we know the techniques and processes required to deliver flawless end results for our client’s brands.

Packshots and end frames

Even with our years in the industry, we know that it’s not always possible to film the perfect packshot.

This is why our advertising production services can incorporate polished photoreal packshots and animated end frames to really make your product sparkle. Making use of animation also ensures the ultimate flexibility to update, replace and localise end frames to multiple markets, without having to reshoot any footage, making them both cost-effective and faster to deliver.


How long does it take to produce a TV advert?

The length of the production process on a TV advert depends on the kind of advertisement you hope to create. However, the process will generally take no less than six weeks, from brief to airing, which involves devising a script, casting the actors, shooting and editing the footage, then purchasing the airtime.

Animated TV commercial production generally takes up to eight weeks from start to finish. However, if you’re using our services, the storyboarding, audio, and video footage can all take place in-house, making us a one-stop-shop for your commercial needs.

How much does a TV advert cost to make?

Setting a budget for the overall cost of TV advert production is one of the essential things to determine before starting work. With many disparate factors going into the making of a live-action advertisement, there can be a lot to keep under control.

However, animated TV commercials from Frantic can allow you to keep your budget in one place, and including post-production, making it much easier to oversee the cost of your advertising. We can also deliver work at a flexible range of costs, from an affordable Adsmart commercial for £15,000 to a £100,000-plus, high-end, fully CG animated advertisement to showcase a brand new product.

Our process

How are animated TV adverts made?

No matter what techniques we use, or how complex it will be, we always follow the same series of steps to make our videos.


Whether or not your video includes dialogue, a script will provide a crucial framework on which your video will be built.

Storyboarding & Designing

This part of the process confirms the overall look of your video, as well as giving an idea of how each shot and scene will flow into the next.


As an animated video production company, this is our bread and butter, from adding text to live-action videos to creating CG product animation from scratch.

Voice Over & Music

The final stage of the video production process, incorporating music or a voiceover can further help explain the benefits of your brand or product, bringing your content to life.

Our clients

At Frantic, we’ve collaborated with some of the biggest agencies, brands, and companies around.

But don’t just take our word for it — check out the work we’ve done for them.

Our work

Want to see our work in action?

Explore a portfolio of some of Frantic’s best work below, covering a variety of animation techniques for all manner of brands, companies and agencies

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