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The Brief

To design a 3D bear character with real fur, and create a series of animations and stills for Dutypoint.

The Animation

We meticulously crafted a dynamic CGI bear character from the ground up, seamlessly integrating it into the Dutypoint brand’s every touchpoint.

From there, we created a series of animations that underscore the unique attributes of the ScubaTank boiler system, with an emphasis on its speed and dependability.

The set of animations showcases the bear in a range of scenarios: executing ninja manoeuvres, utilising a state-of-the-art teleportation device, and sprinting headlong towards the viewer.

A standout feature of our bear is the intricately animated multi-tonal fur, which sways authentically in response to his movements and the natural pull of gravity.

Modelling and 3D animation of all scenes was done in Cinema 4D, with rendering handled in Redshift.

3D Stills

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