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Rimmel Animated Video

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The Brief

To design and produce an animated promo launch video for Rimmel’s new range of matte lipstick featuring motion graphics and CG animation.

The Animation

Are you ready for a revolution? This is the tagline that starts the video, a whirlwind of graphics and textures for one of our favourite clients. With Rimmel’s distinctive London-themed branding and style, we relished to opportunity to create this motion graphics led animated video for their brand new matte lipstick range.

The ad presented a number of challenges, including building and animating 3d models of the new lipstick packaging. The whole range is revealed in glorious Rimmel colours, ranging from shocking pink to dark peach.

Other elements including rain and dust had to be created to demonstrate the non-drying and long-lasting nature of the product. These are overlayed onto text captions.

Interspersed with the animation is footage and imagery from their above the line advertising campaign, featuring Georgia Jagger.

Having produced many videos for Rimmel over the years, we knew exactly what they needed the video to achieve. Namely, to build excitement and anticipation at the launch of their new range. With bright colours, fast paced bold titles and punchy commercial music, the key messages all lead towards a bold packshot reveal of the range.

The layering of flat vector shapes and fast-paced graphical transitions adds to the overall look of the film.

The video was initially shown at an international beauty products convention and later shared across social channels. We delivered several versions of the video including cut downs and different formats.

You can see some of the other videos we have produced for Rimmel in our animation portfolio, including a video for Supergel, and a short promo animation for their Provocalips range.

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