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Urban Retreat 3D Product Animation

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The Brief

To create an impactful animated looping video for the Urban Retreat by Acti Labs homepage.

The Animation

We were given complete creative freedom to develop a seamless CGI animation to showcase Urban Retreat’s new range of health and beauty products.

Focusing on the main claims about their products, we developed a series of animated vignettes that link together to form a single animation.

Powered by Nature shows one of the products being engulfed by a growing plants animation. Clinically Proven reveals a key product stat within the surface of the cream product itself. Certified Cruelty Free creates the shape of Peta’s cruelty free logo with the products from above. Recyclable Packaging shows a product bottle melting into a liquid metal animation to be recycled and reformed into the lid of the next product. Finally, we move into a sequence to show the Urban Retreat spa itself. The video loops continuously and can be seen on their homepage now.

Production was completed in Cinema 4D, with rendering handled in Redshift.

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