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McLaren Animation

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The Brief

To create a 3D animated video series for McLaren, explaining how NTT Communications helps them to communicate and perform more effectively in race situations around the world.

The Animation

We needed to explain how McLaren‘s partnership with NTT Communications helps them to perform better during race weekends.

Using a combination of existing McLaren archive footage, CG animation and motion graphics, we tell the story of how NTT’s high-speed SD-WAN technology is enabling faster and more reliable data flows across the race team.

We created a series of four videos in total, and a little like their F1 cars, the project was delivered at blistering speed for a new website launch. The first shows how errors in communications between the race team and the control room is made much quicker and smoother with the SD-WAN technology. We built and animated the SD-WAN server, and showed a representation of data flows across the McLaren team.

The second video covers how NTT help when the race team is travelling all around the globe and need flawless communication with head office. Formula One cars can be seen flying around the globe, as we see stats about their epic season.

The third video is about the raceday dashboard, a revolutionary piece of software which shows the mechanics what is happening with the car at any given moment during a race. And the final video is about the speed and efficiency of their cloud data storage solution.

The animation style is clean and stylised CGI, so that attention is clearly focused on the key points of the voiceover. This is intermixed with footage of the F1 cars in practice sessions, and the team mechanics hard at work.

The upbeat voiceover and music ties everything together for the perfect package of marketing videos.

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