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Molton Brown Milk Musk CGI Animation

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The Brief

To create a series of CGI stills and a CG animated ad for Molton Brown’s new Milk Musk range of body washes and fragrances.

The Animation

With the theme of cosy and comforting, we got to work on developing a series of product stills, all in full CGI. These required significant testing and development of different soft textures including felt, fur and fluff.

For the animated ad, we created animated furry spheres which collide and interact with each other. As they evolve, they gradually reveal the new Milk Musk fragrance.

Some simple typography highlights the product features, before revealing the new body wash. Finally, the body wash is enveloped by the furry spheres to finish the ad. It was used across Molton Brown’s social channels.

We also developed a cinemagraph, which hero’s the products, perched on their fluffy cushions in the centre. The fluff itself moves gently in a light breeze. The cinemagraph was used in multiple locations including in-store and on their website.

The seven stills that we created were displayed across all retail stores as part of the main product launch. These included a gifting still with seven gift boxes, complete with ribbons, that were modelled from scratch here at Frantic.

The stills and animation were created in Cinema 4D, and rendering was handled through Redshift.


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