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Motion design

Stunning motion graphics to add punch to any project

Our Motion Graphics Studio

World-class motion design and production is at the very core of what we do here at Frantic.

With a strong emphasis on design and art direction, we ensure that every video we produce is as meticulously brand-focused as it is beautiful to watch. We’ve created motion graphics design for some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world, inspiring us to constantly create the best productions possible. We use the full range of industry software at our disposal, including After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Realflow, among others.

What Is Motion Design?

Motion design is a way of incorporating moving text, graphics, images and icons within a video.

While some parts of the industry consider motion graphics design to simply be a form of animation, the process is actually more diverse as it spans many disciplines from infographics and kinetic typography, to visual effects for feature films.

By collaborating with a motion design studio, your brand can help express its most important ideas and explain what you do in the most simple and eye-catching way.

Types of motion design

Motion design covers a broad range of skills and animation styles. Here are a few of the main types of motion graphics we can bring to your video.

Logo Animation

We have produced high-end logo animations and stings for some of the world’s largest brands.

These are used as mnemonics, which top and tail TV advertising or social content.

These are often accompanied by distinctive sound design to further help them stick in viewers’ — and potential customers’ — minds

Kinetic Typography

Typography is very important to us here at Frantic, and it’s also one of the core skills of any motion designer. Knowing which fonts will work best for which purpose, as well as understanding layout, readability, and dwell time, are all essential for creating the perfect piece of kinetic typography.

For maximum impact, animated type can be aligned with a voiceover, or simply to a video’s background music. This results in a compelling and informative slice of dynamic motion design.

Cel Animation

Perhaps the oldest and most well-known form of creating animated videos, cel animation is the traditional process of individually drawing each frame of a video, often using a graphics tablet.

These are combined together in animation software to make the sequence of images move. The result is an incredibly fluid and organic animation style, much sought after by brands.

Our process

How are motion design videos made?

No matter what techniques we use, or how complex it will be, we always follow the same series of steps to make our videos.


Whether or not your video includes dialogue, a script will provide a crucial framework on which your video will be built.


This part of the process confirms the overall look of your video, as well as giving an idea of how each shot and scene will flow into the next.


As an animated video production company, this is our bread and butter, from adding text to live-action videos to creating CG product animation from scratch.

Voice Over & Music

The final stage of the video production process, incorporating music or a voiceover can further help explain the benefits of your brand or product, bringing your content to life.

Our clients

At Frantic, we’ve collaborated with some of the biggest agencies, brands, and companies around.

But don’t just take our word for it — check out the work we’ve done for them.

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