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F1 Clash

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The Brief

To create a TV advert for leading Formula 1 strategy game F1 Clash.

The Animation

Given the brief to craft a riveting TV advertisement for the game, we immediately began sketching a dynamic storyboard and animatic, laying the foundation for our ambitious animation.

From that starting point, we meticulously designed an F1 track, seamlessly integrated multiple cars, and employed an intricate nighttime lighting system to evoke the thrilling ambiance of a twilight F1 race.

What we’ve achieved is a pulse-pounding 3D animation that captures the essence of an entire race in just 30 seconds: from choosing the perfect car and driver, to grid formation, the adrenaline-fueled start, navigating chicanes, executing a pitstop, and providing a driver’s-eye view with an onboard camera.

Modelling and 3D animation of all scenes was done in Cinema 4D, with rendering handled in Redshift.

Sound design was handled by Fitzrovia Post.

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