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Rimmel Supergel Animation

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The Brief

To create, produce and deliver a global TV commercial for Rimmel’s new Super Gel nail varnish product. The ad needed to link in to other campaign material, and the hashtag #gelpower.

The Animation

Rimmel’s latest innovation is two step nail varnish with a gel coating for a salon finish. Each step is shown using only a hand, which communicates both the ease with which it can be applied, and the level of long lasting finish that can be achieved.

Fast-paced and upbeat, the ad was well-received and helped to generate a buzz around the launch of the product on social media, with followers using the #gelpower hashtag referenced in the campaign. Our rather brilliant initial suggestion of #hardasnails not proving quite so popular with the client.

The initial gel buttons were created in CGI animation, before we move to the product section. This was filmed in a studio using a state of the art motion control camera to perfect the moves across the real products. The final sequences, including the emerging gel varnish, were created in CG. Animating a clear liquid to look like gel is far from straightforward, but our experience in liquid animations meant we were able to handle it with aplomb.

Combining live-action footage with animation is a powerful way to demonstrate the features of a new product. This is especially useful where the product itself is being demonstrated on a real human as in this case. The ad had to show the actual finish on an actual nail with the actual product, so this method was essential.

The final end frame features all the different gel colours spreading out to form a union jack flag, in true Rimmel style.

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