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Vectone Mobile TV Commercial

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The Brief

To produce a TV commercial for challenger brand mobile phone company Vectone’s Chilli Talk brand.

The Animation

Our approach was to demonstrate to the viewer how annoying and fiddly it is to be endlessly swapping SIM cards and remembering special access numbers when it is so simple to just use Chilli Talk for your international calls. With an offbeat stop-frame animation style, we see our model enjoying a typical summery scene in a London park, when suddenly she is surrounded by numbers and sim cards, bouncing around and getting in her way. We then move into a smoother filmed look, and the mayhem is replaced by calm, as she gets out her phone and makes a call which continues right through the night and into the next day. This was Frantic‘s first foray into combining stop-motion with live action footage, and we think you’ll agree it’s a technique that works.

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