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Rimmel Provocalips Animated Video

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The Brief

To design and create a short social video for Rimmel’s new brand of lipstick, Provocalips.

The Animation

Working with the concept of ‘provoke’ we designed a very bold typographical style, intermixed with footage and imagery of lips. The colour palette was bold reds and pinks, to match the Rimmel range. Blocky motion graphics and lighting effects were used throughout, moving in time with the upbeat soundtrack. In the final packshot, we animated the full range of products.

First, we see the bold titles spelling out ‘Ready To Provoke?’, followed by ‘Ready For Kissproof Lifeproof Colour & Shine’. Then the product itself is revealed with a dynamic packshot. We see the lids on both ends being removed and the product inside.

Next up is a vibrant spash of bold colour in the form of CG liquid in various pink and red shades being thrown together. The caption on screen reflecting these bold colours. After this, we show a sequence of images showing the finish of the product on lips, again, with bold key messages being shown.

We see one of the main product USPs being shown. 16 hours of vibrant colour, with the product itself forming the hands of a clock.

Then, after a sequence of images daring the viewer to kiss and tell, we show the full range in a final flourish of colour.

The music has a strong beat, which was perfect for timing the animation, images and typography on screen.

This style of video is perfect for social media, as it is eye-catching and bright, as well as quick and easy to take in on people’s busy timelines.

We’ve produced over ten videos for Rimmel, some of which can be seen on our portfolio page.

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