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Smyths Toys Advert

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The Brief

To add visual effects and animation to this advert for Frozen 2 merchandise at Smyths Toys.

The Animation

With an ad for Disney, quality has to be very high, and that’s why they gave Frantic a call.

We were briefed to develop photoreal CG leaves which would interweave the girls featured in the advert and lead them into the magical world of Frozen 2.

The type of leaves was very specific as it had to match exactly the leaves which feature so much in the film itself. Once these were developed, we set about animating the movement to replicate how they would blow around in real life. The leaves lead them through the store entrance, and into a Frozen style autumn forest.

The leaves continue to lead the girls to various Frozen related toys, which sparkle and glow as they approach them.

Finally the girls jump on the bike and scooter which are revealed at the end and make their way out of the forest, which is now covered in ice and snow.

Finally they leave the store, with the toys they’ve bought whilst inside.

Working with Disney’s brand team, we developed a total of eleven visual effects shots including billboard replacement, flying leaves, ice, mist and of course magical sparkles.

At Frantic, we’ve worked on many VFX shots for commercials, each bringing a new challenge. For this ad, the movement of the leaves presented the biggest challenge, but we were able to draw on our experience to create a look and feel that truly feels magical, and matches the magical feel of the films themselves.

If you have a project which requires visual effects, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

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