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Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy CG Animation

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The Brief

To create a CG animated ad for a new range of Molton Brown body washes and fragrances.

The Animation

Using brandy and 1920s London as the theme, we set about creating an animation which showcases this luxurious new product range.

In a decadent bar setting, a copper sphere rolls into a brandy glass starting a chain reaction which reveals the new products. The liquid splashes out of the glass and into the air. This cuts into dramatic slow motion as the eau de toilette is revealed, emerging from the liquid.

The liquid itself changes from brandy to a thicker body wash gel as it rises into the air. Finally, the glittery bottle of the body wash is revealed, floating out of the liquid.

The glass, ice and animated liquid elements in the ad were created from scratch, with the bottle textures also developed over several iterations, referencing the real physical product to get the exact look and feel right. Once the 3D elements were in place, we developed multiple liquid simulations to get the flow of the brandy, and transition to gel, just right.

Full CG animation projects always throw up their own challenges and this project was no different. The combination of liquid and slow motion is not for the faint-hearted, but the end result is beautiful to watch and really does showcase the product itself in its best light.

9 different versions of the ad were created in 16:9, portrait, 4:5 and square formats for delivery across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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