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Pepsi Max Advert

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The Brief

To create a TV commercial for Pepsi Max’s sponsorship of the UEFA Champion’s League, featuring a promotion for their VR football app. The ad had to tie in with their existing campaign.

The Animation

Linking to their existing campaign, this animated ad had to build on that excitement by introducing the tie-in competition to win a Playstation 4.

We began by modelling and textured all of the elements within the ad, including an unbranded CG phone, the familiar PepsiMax can and, of course, the Playstation itself. These elements were then animated with quick and dynamic movements to replicate the moves performed by the footballers in the original campaign. The phone spins and flips and the can flies into shot.

These animations were then composited into a PepsiMax football themed motion graphics background. The action takes us through the process of entering the competition, including downloading the app, scanning the can, and ultimately winning a Playstation with VR headset.

The Playstation is revealed in all its glory, before we zoom in and through the VR headset to end on the final logo and tagline.

The ad was shown across TV channels in the UK and Europe coinciding with the UEFA Champions League Final. It was later promoted on social media, as part of Pepsi’s ongoing partnership with UEFA across Europe.

Developing and animating CG products is an exciting process for clients as well as for us. The opportunity to create things that don’t yet exist, or to make things move in ways that could never be filmed, is an inspiring proposition. The opportunities are, as they say, endless.

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