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Wax/On Animated Promo Video

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The Brief

To design a promo video for new advertising agency Wax/On, highlighting their distinctive offer to new clients. A key element of the brief was that we couldn’t use any existing work or imagery, only our creativity.

The Animation

Wax/On are a forward thinking agency who wanted something a bit different from their promotional video.

They gave us free rein to unleash a burst of creativity in producing this animated video for them. We could have easily stuck with 2D typography to tell the story, but we wanted to do something special. We used multiple CG animation techniques and styles, all centred around their distinctive brand colours and fonts. And boy did it escalate quickly.

Bold 3D typography was mixed with other animated elements to create a varied, mixed media feel. Different textured materials including wood, metal, glass and plastic were created, adding to the look. The quick pace and variety of styles summarise their bold new agency model to potential new clients. Each section leads seamlessly into the next making it very watchable and engaging from start to finish.

Their tagline of putting ‘Media and Creative Back Together’ is dramatically demonstrated with the two worlds colliding in a beautiful slow-motion explosion of pieces. ‘Quickly’ is shown with a bullet smashing through glass. And ‘Together’ is visualised with thousands of tiny Wax/On logos clinging to the word.

Whilst this style of animation can be complex to produce, it is also a huge amount of fun to work on. Striking the perfect balance of creativity and purpose, this type of video is perfect for a new startup or agency that doesn’t yet have a large portfolio to show, but still wants to present powerful visuals to their clients and customers.

The video was created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

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