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Football App Promotional Video

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The Brief

To generate buzz around a new football fan app, with a high-end animated video.

The Animation

Starting with a football field, we take the viewer through on an animated journey through the rapid history of how fans have watched and interacted with football. We see a radio, then a television. We follow the rise of the internet and the the rise of social media.

We progress to show how the new fan app will revolutionise the football landscape. The sheer numbers of fans is extraordinary so we had to show that in a powerful way. A giant representation of a phone animates on screen. Then it is filled with icons to represent the millions of sports fans to whom football means to much.

With big and bold typography, fast sweeping camera moves, and large scale representations of social media, we tell the story with real impact. Football is taking over the world, and social media is where it’s all happening. Are you ready?

With the brief to really create a big impact on the audience, we knew we had to create something on an epic scale. Creative brand videos like this rely on a well-written and punchy script, as well as a pace that matches the excitement. The voiceover is no different, and we chose an artist whose work regularly appears on sports programmes on TV, so the standard was high, and the tone exactly right for the audience.

The film was finished off with sound design, highlighting the different mediums on which football is interacted with.

For more examples of brand films like this one, head over to our portfolio. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can make a big impact with your audience, get in touch here.

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