London Northwestern Railway TV Commercial

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The Brief

To produce a kinetic typography animated TV commercial for London Northwestern Railway. 

The Animation

Working with the wonderful people at top agency Impero, we set to work animating the script in time to a fast-paced railway soundtrack.

It was important for the words to be readable, but in a style where they don’t linger on screen. The human brain can convert words into meaning very quickly, and this ad proves just how fast we can read when we want to.

We added different motion graphics elements around the words to accentuate different points, using London Northwestern’s distinctive brand guidelines as a reference. The result is a bold kinetic typography commercial that grabbed viewers attention during a highly targeted TV advertising campaign, as part of a relaunch of the brand.

2D typographic animation is a great way to convey a message, both on TV and social media, because it is so easily digested and understood. From a design perspective it allows a lot of creativity and freedom too.

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