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Greener Energy Group

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To develop a 3D animation to show several different green energy products available through Greener Energy Group.

The Animation

We crafted an intricate 3D neighborhood, complete with a series of newly built homes that are both innovative and sustainable.

In our virtual tour, we highlight each product in a captivating way. Watch as walls peel away, revealing the seamless energy flow throughout the house. Roof tiles lift to display state-of-the-art insulation in the loft, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. Marvel as solar panels make their grand entrance, positioning themselves perfectly on the roof to harness the power of the sun.

The grand finale features the arrival of our Greener Energy Group van, ready to install and service these cutting-edge products. This dynamic presentation showcases not just homes, but the future of eco-friendly living.

Modelling and 3D animation was completed in Cinema 4D, with rendering handled in Redshift.


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