Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Production

World-class motion graphics design and production is at the very core of what we do here at Frantic. With a strong emphasis on design and art direction, we ensure that every video we produce is meticulously brand focused and beautiful to watch. Producing motion graphics for some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world inspires us to create the very best work possible. We also use the full range of industry software at our disposal including After Effects, Cinema 4D and Realflow among others.

Logo Animation

We produce high-end logo animations and stings for some of the world’s largest brands. These are used as mnemonics to top and tail TV advertising or social content. They are often accompanied by distinctive sound design to add to their memorable nature.

Kinetic Typography

Typography is very important to us here at Frantic. It’s one of the core skills of a motion designer. Knowing which fonts work best for which purpose, as well as understanding layout, readability and dwell time. These are all essential for creating the perfect piece of kinetic typography. For maximum impact, animated type can be aligned with a voiceover, or simply to music. The result is a compelling and informative slice of dynamic motion design.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a much more organic and tactile style of animation production. It involves photographing real objects and compiling a sequence based on a series of incrementally different still shots. Stop motion not only looks beautifully traditional, but it also helps to create a unique tone of voice for any brand. It is a style which can be replicated to stunning effect without the need to actually shoot the real thing too. Motion graphics and animation are rendered at a lower frame rate with shutter irregularities to very realistically simulate stop motion. This is a much more cost-effective and less time-consuming production method than those used by animation studios like Aardman.

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