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Distributed Technologies Research Animation

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The Brief

To create a series of detailed explainer videos showing how their blockchain technology works to improve the security of transactions.

The Animation

Working with a very detailed and technical subject matter is something we love to do here at the Frantic Animation Studio, so when DTR got in touch to commission a series of videos all about blockchain technology we jumped at the chance.

The video starts with the word ‘Privacy’ appearing from the darkness. We fly through this into a 3D space populated with names, IP addresses and passwords. We see links appearing between them to highlight how vulnerable these pieces of information can be.

From here we move to a complex 3D landscape, showing the linkages within the blockchain network. We then show blockchain transactions, security breaches, and the associated solutions that DTR offer through their technology. A transaction flow is represented by the lines that make up the network glowing and spreading outwards. Encrypted data is represented by document icons, which then glow red when a security breach has been detected.

The technology DTR has developed makes these kinds of breaches impossible, by creating a dead end that stops transactions being traceable. A hacker would be stopped in their tracks and not now which network line to follow to get back to the original transaction information.

Showing such information with animation that is easy to understand was quite a challenge, but the combination of clean lines, a limited colour palette and a clear and succint voiceover, enabled us to deliver on the brief perfectly. With a shallow depth of field and an ominous soundtrack, the final videos are cinematic in feel and help to explain the complex security solutions in a straightforward way.

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