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Renault Megane CG Animation

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The Brief

To create a promo video for the new Renault Megane GT featuring CG animation and motion graphics.

The Animation

We developed this full CG animated video for Renault, with a very open brief to create a visual spectacle around the new car.

Using CAD files provided by the Renault design team, we refined and fully textured the Megane, including multi-layered metallic paint and carbon fibre interior. Every element had to be textured from scratch, right down to the bolts on the wheels and the badge on the bonnet.

Using the four driving modes of the new Megane GT as inspiration we devised four distinct lighting patterns, which were then projected onto the car in 3D, creating beautiful reflections across the cars many surfaces.

The light patterns themselves were designed and animated in After Effects. They were then rendered out into sequences and used as textures within the 3D environment. This enabled us to capture the reflections on the paintwork and glass of the car accurately.

The animation of the car was straightforward, as it wasn’t required to steer, although we ensured that it the bonnet movement caused by acceleration was accurate.

Perhaps the most important part of the animation was the camera. It had to be all in one shot, whilst at the same time enabling us to slow down and speed up the action on screen. This meant a bespoke camera rig within the 3D software which tracked the position of the car and gave us a lot of extra controls to play with.

Finally sound design was added to create an atmospheric soundscape, reminiscent of a car accelerating hard through a tunnel.

The final video was used across Renault’s social channels globally to coincide with the launch of the new car.

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