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Edelman Explainer Video

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The Brief

To develop an animated motion graphics explainer video for Edelman, showing how the new Brand Guardian service can help brands navigate risk.

The Animation

The Brand Guardian product from Edelman is all about mitigating risks to a brands reputation. We took this theme and developed a stylised dark and moody theme, spelling out the different risks that a brand might face. Using clean lines and motion graphics elements, the video transitions from one scene to the next in a seamless flow of animation. The video is accompanied by a conversational style voiceover and a subtle music underscore.

The video starts with a flashing dot, which is then revealed to be the dot of the ‘i’ from the word ‘risk’ which then appears on screen. As each sentence of the voiceover leads us further into the video, key words are revealed on screen. We see speech bubbles showing conversation, and an auditorium showing an audience. We then move into a globe which morphs into a megaphone, showing how the brand is amplified around the world.

All is this leads to the brands reputation being damaged. But all is not lost. Edelman’s Brand Guardian is there to seek out negativity and turn it into positivity. This protects a brand’s reputation and ensures that their customers continue to view them in a positive light.

The animation style used throughout the video is one of simple outlines and seamless transitions. These are layered over a dark textured background. The dark background represents the ether within which a brand lives. Dark and mysterious, but ultimately a place that Edelman can help brands to master.

The video was the first in a series of animated videos, exploring the different services that Edelman has to offer its clients.

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