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Beamly Animated Video

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The Brief

To produce an animated motion graphics video for Beamly, explaining their business model to potential new clients. And it had to be very pink.

The Animation

Beamly has distinctive pink branding. We love pink branding, so we relished the opportunity to create a smoothly animating motion graphics landscape for them.

Beamly have a strong business model and are known for their innovative approach to consumer marketing. So the video had to reflect this innovative tone whilst being straightforward and engaging to watch.

The first part of the process was working with them to develop the script. This is one of the most important parts of any video process. Once the script had been through several rounds of editing and tightening, we moved on to the design phase.

We told the Beamly story seamlessly and clearly using bold typography mixed with simple icons and quick flourishes. Icons are drawn onto screen and individual elements flow smoothly from one piece of information to the next. These graphical elements are intermixed with keywords and captions to punctuate the action.

The video was finished off with a punchy and percussive soundtrack and youthful US voiceover. The video was shown to clients and colleagues around the globe as part of a big marketing and information campaign for the brand.

The CEO of Beamly commented “We shared video at the company show and tell and everyone loved it. Let me know how we can be a reference source for you, as we’re really impressed.”

We’ve since completed a number of videos for Beamly, all with that same pink branding, and, of course, we still love it.

Design-led explainer videos like this are something of a specialism here at Frantic. We are sticklers for well-designed typography, and this is equally important in animation as it is in print.

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