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HSBC Animated Video

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The Brief

High end corporate animation for HSBC to demonstrate the importance of the Renminbi currency to stakeholders.

The Animation

Inspired by the Year of the Snake, we created a richly animated 3D landscape centred around a stylised 3D snake. This dynamic creature weaves its way through a detailed animation, guiding viewers through the various aspects of trade and global business that HSBC is focused on.

The animation begins with a striking visual of a Renminbi banknote, seamlessly composited into live-action footage of Shanghai. As the snake appears, it elegantly slithers through the vibrant cityscape, symbolising the flow of commerce and the growing influence of the Renminbi currency.

The snake then moves through various scenes, each representing key elements of global trade and business. We see bustling ports, high-tech manufacturing facilities, and bustling financial districts. The animation highlights HSBC’s role in facilitating these activities and underscores the significance of the Renminbi in international markets.

As the snake transitions from scene to scene, it brings attention to the strategic initiatives and success stories of businesses leveraging the Renminbi. Animated charts and infographics provide clear, concise data on the currency’s impact, making complex information accessible and engaging.

The animation culminates in London, where the Renminbi banknote appears once more in live-action footage. The snake wraps around the note, signifying the connection between East and West and the integral role HSBC plays in this global exchange.

The video concludes with HSBC’s logo and a compelling call to action, encouraging stakeholders to explore the opportunities presented by the Renminbi.

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