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5 Reasons Why Infographics Are An Effective Way To Reach Your Audience

If there’s one thing that consumers want from a brand that’s unfamiliar to them, it’s information. Not only information about the company itself, but more specific details about why, as a potential customer, their work and their wider industry is right for their needs. And although this information can be easily laid out in text form on a webpage, there’s nothing like an infographic video to fully put this all-important data across to people with an added dash of personality and style.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider an infographic video for your brand today:

1. Infographics are easier to understand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions. No matter how interesting or informative your written content is, presenting it in an eye-catching format will help it stick in your audience’s mind far more easily. After all, the brain is better at remembering things visually. However, there’s no reason not to have both on your site — a video can help to engage and inform your audience, and a text section can offer them further detail if required.

2. You can use the data to tell the story you want to tell

There are so many ways that different data can be interpreted and presented. As with structuring any story, putting an infographic video together lets you use your own data to build up to a big reveal, or simply show off the most impressive information at your disposal. Where a static infographic needs to have everything laid out in one image, animation also allows you to focus on particular parts of the information you’re presenting. If you’re using a graph, for example, you can build that graph right in front of the viewers eyes, adding weight to different elements, and ensuring that it is fully understood in the way you want it to be understood. You can also add a voiceover to explain what’s happening on-screen, which can further cement your story and angle it in the viewer’s mind.

While most companies have an in-house writing style, it’s likely that the thing that will really stick in your customers’ minds about your brand will be the logo, font and colour scheme. Using these as the basis for presenting your infographic data can really help those seeing it to remember what you want them to remember, and link that information with your brand. Branding is also particularly helpful when you are planning to create a series of infographic videos, which you can then release them over time. Your audience will recognise the style and link it back to the previous videos in the series. Infographic videos don’t just need to sit on your website either — you can upload them to YouTube and all of your social channels, where branding becomes even more important for helping your content stand out.

4. Infographics can be shared easily

People love information, and people love sharing, and a beautifully designed infographic video is one of the most sharable things there is. There’s no match for the immediate burst of information that sharing an infographic can give. From the data to the design, the way an infographic is laid out can greatly encourage people to share your content and the data it contains. This, in turn, will encourage others to look you up, and understand more about what your brand does. It’s a true virtuous circle that can really outweigh the initial investment in terms of consumer reach.

5. An infographic video can be broken down into bitesize chunks

Infographic videos typically range from 30-90 seconds in length, and while this is ideal for a website homepage, or a product page, it can restrict your reach on social channels. It’s therefore a great idea to design your video in a modular way, so that different chunks of the video can be separated for use on different channels. For example, editing it into a 15-second video for Instagram, or a 5-second pre-roll video to catch someone’s attention on YouTube, to encourage them to find out more.

These are all pretty compelling reasons on their own, but considering them all together, it’s a no-brainer to produce a well-designed infographic video for your brand. A small amount of data can actually go a long way too, by being able to pull apart different key findings and illustrate them in a multitude of different ways.

Here are some further things to consider when producing your infographic video:

Choosing the right colours for the different elements of your infographic video are vital for the information being fully understood. Bright colours on a dark background tend to work best, which stands out more. As mentioned before, the more strongly your video is branded, the better chance there will be for engagement, so ensure that you use colours that match your own brand guidelines.


Imagine if a broadcast news programme didn’t explain a graph that they were showing on screen, and just left it there, silent — the viewers wouldn’t know what they were supposed to be taking from it. More often than not, infographic videos operate in the same way. Some work better without a voiceover, but a carefully written script can help to highlight key information that viewers should be focusing on.

Sound Effects

Whilst it would be hard to argue that sound design is vital for an infographic video, it can add another layer of emphasis for the elements that appear on screen. A whoosh as a line slides in, or a pop as a graph fills up with information, can really add to a viewer’s experience.

Screen Format

With so many different social channels and audiences to cater for, it’s important that your infographic video is produced in the right formats. It used to be simple: a 16×9 landscape video would suffice for YouTube. But now, you also need a square video for Facebook, a 4×5 video for LinkedIn, and a 9×16 portrait video for Instagram Stories. Any good animation studio should be well-versed in these different formats, and can design your video in such a way that it can be easily adapted to work brilliantly across all platforms.


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