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How To Use 3D Animation In Any Industry

Nearly every business on the planet is hugely competitive, and you need to find a way to stay ahead of the curve in your industry. Since the mid-1990s, 3D animation has seen a huge increase in popularity, and businesses have made great use of it to help stand out. 3D animation instils incredible detail, using eye-catching design, and adding depth to the dullest of objects.

3D animation is used in sectors across the board, from education to medicine, and has been proven to make processes smoother and more engaging, and improving a business’s overall return on investment. Businesses need to be able to communicate in a memorable and immersive way, and 3D animation is the platform to do this effectively.

With 3D animation, your business can:

  • Increase customer conversion rates — 90% of consumers say that watching a video has helped them make buying decisions.
  • Improve brand recall and recognition — 80% of customers start their customer journey by watching videos online.
  • Makes seemingly more ‘boring’ products more attractive — product videos drive sales by up to 147%.
  • Videos can be watched again and again, and become part of a company’s evergreen content.

Below, you’ll find some of the most powerful uses for 3D animation in any industry. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully, you can see how 3D animation can be used in any industry. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you bring your products, services, or buildings to life.

3D Character Animation For Film, TV And Gaming

3D animation was born from creating characters, so it stands to reason that the first industry we’re looking at is entertainment. Whether it be in films, games or TV shows, people love to see the advances in character development. Developing 3D characters is essentially a way of bringing magic to life for your audience, especially children. By bringing the vividness of the character to the screen, people will develop a relationship with it, and be keen to see what their next adventure will be.

3D Animation In Stage Shows

Whether bringing statues to life, adding the right background to create a world, or simply polishing up the set, 3D animation adds another layer to a performance. It can create a sense of depth, and bring aspects of a show to life that, before now, have had to be imagined, or created using physical materials.

3D Animation For Education

Imagine you’re in a classroom, and your teacher shows you a graph that illustrates a key point for the lesson. Chances are, even after the teacher explains it to you, you won’t exactly be enthralled. Now imagine the teacher instead shows you a high-quality 3D animation of that same concept. You’re not only likely to pay more attention to it, but you’ll also find it easier to remember.

How Businesses Can Use 3D Animation for Training

Businesses can use 3D animation in multiple ways. To start with, it’s a technique which can make your presentations really stand out, and help your messages and key data points to stick in viewers’ minds. This is also why it’s so commonly incorporated in marketing and advertising materials. By making your products look beautiful and eye-catching, you will draw the attention of your target audience and hopefully turn them into loyal customers.

It’s also an essential component for training tools, since it’s instantly memorable and accessible at the convenience of your team. This saves you having to worry about taking up a significant part of your working day keeping staff updated with new working practices.

3D Animation For The Military and Police

Recruits aren’t yet ready for the high-stress incidents during service which can result in injuries. To mitigate any risk, these industries often use 3D animation to simulate these situations, so that there are as few risks involved as possible.

3D Animation Used in Medicine

The healthcare sector uses 3D animation to create complex images of the human body, allowing the medical world to learn in great detail how it should function. This also provides an opportunity for training physicians to familiarise themselves with complicated or rare procedures.

3D Animation for Engineering and Technology Prototyping

Demand for 3D animation in the engineering, technology, and machinery sectors is enormous. It saves time and money by reducing any material wastage, while enabling customised designs, which can be easily revised to address any feedback before any real-life models are made. Furthermore, with 3D printing, most designs can be instantly transformed into a physical prototype.

Architecture and Design Using 3D Animation

Using 3D animation to create virtual or augmented reality buildings, allows architects and designers to experience moving through a construction at any time of day. It also allows them to identify and amend any flaws in the design process before construction has even begun.


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