CG Animation

CG Animation Production

As a leading animation production company, Frantic is able to provide a wide range of CG animation services. From adding the finishing touches to high-end beauty product commercials to new product visualisations for startups, we understand the complex workflows and processes required to deliver stunning photo-real CG animation work.

CG Liquids Animation

We understand how to set up, simulate, animate and texture liquids for complex CG liquid animation. This highly specialist area uses a lot of computing power and technical know-how, but the results can be stunning. It also offers a vast range of flexibility to showcase drinks, beauty products or natural environments in a way that traditional live-action filming cannot achieve.  

3D Modelling

In order to create high quality CGI animation, 3D modelling has to be done in advance. This is the process of designing and creating the various 3D elements and objects that go into a scene, ready for animation. We conduct this in-house for all our CG animation projects, enabling us to keep a close eye on the fine details. This is especially important when creating animated consumer products.

Texturing & Lighting

Once modelled, the next process that must be undertaken is texturing. The surface and texture of every object within an animated scene need to be decided upon. For example, there’s a huge difference between the look and feel of wood and metal. The intricacies of how they reflect and absorb light, cast shadows and interact with other textures is vital to understand. An object as complex as a CG car can require up to 200 different materials including metal, multi-layered paintwork, chrome, glass, alloy, rubber and plastics. All of these CG textures are affected in different ways by lighting, so careful thought must go into how a scene is lit. A studio set-up, for example, will create entirely different visual results to a natural outdoor sunlit scene.


The final part of the CG animation process is rendering. This is the process of turning the raw working 3D files into fully-finished CGI animations. As a highly technical endeavour in its own right, using the right renderer for the right task is very important to achieving the final look required. Each CGI animation studio will have its own preference but we use Redshift and Cinema 4D for the ultimate combination of speed and quality.

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