Infographics Videos

Animated Infographics Videos

As a direct result of the explosion in demand for online content, infographics are now everywhere – primarily for their ability to show cold, hard facts quickly and simply. But why not take this proven tactic to an entirely new and exciting level with a perfectly designed infographics video? With our background in animation, we understand how colour, typography, icons and imagery can be used in harmony to tell a great story. We pull apart statistics, animate graphs, and make charts move. This is the key to producing informative, engaging and entertaining infographics videos.

Animated Icons

Animated icons are one of the cornerstones of well-designed infographics videos. Designing and animating icons is a core skill in motion graphics. At Frantic, we know how to make them pop, spin and sparkle to signify a particular part of the story being told by the voiceover. We also understand the complex area of semiotics, which is the study of how we link visual icons to meaning. This is a vital skill when designing and animating icons.

Animated Graphs and Charts

Animated graphs and charts are another key part of many infographic videos. They are used to highlight key statistics and financial information. We can create these in 2D and 3D to match your brand colours and add depth to the information you want your audience to understand.

Infographic GIFs

A great way to show animated graphs and charts on social media is with animated GIFs. These highlight specific key facts or statistics for your audience to take in quickly. They can be produced as standalone animations or taken from a larger infographics video. GIFs give you a cost-effective way of spreading the information further and wider online. At Frantic, we have a tried and tested workflow for delivering multiple GIFs rapidly for our clients.

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