Animated Explainer Videos

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Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are an exploding trend in the world of video production, and they do exactly that – explain! Whether you’re trying to sell a product or help explain how your company works, an explainer video is for you. A carefully-scripted and well-designed explainer video gets your message across clearly and effectively, no matter how complicated the subject matter. Using a combination of animation and motion graphics, we craft your message to engage your audience with stunning visuals.

There are many different types of explainer video. These include kinetic typography, character animation, 3D animation and infographics. Which style you choose depends on what is right for your audience. A character animation for example can be perfect for explaining a B2C service to a customer. Kinetic typography however might be better for grabbing attention on social media. Infographics on the other hand are the best way to present data, when explaining something more complex or scientific. 

Website Videos

You’ve invested countless amounts of time and money getting customers to take a look at your website – the last thing you want to do is to bore them with complicated copy and generic stock images. Having punchy and engaging video content on your website’s core landing pages is a great way to introduce viewers to your product or service and make a good impression. A well-designed and focused landing page explainer video will provide a much better overall experience. It will also give you a far greater chance of inspiring your visitors to stick around a little longer.

And it’s not just your homepage that might need an explainer video. For companies that offer lots of different services, it is a good idea to have a video for each service. That way, your customers will get a consistent experience across your site, no matter what they are looking for. We often produce several videos for a client, creating a series that can be used in multiple places including on social media and at trade shows. It can also be more cost-effective to work in this way, as the style only needs to be developed once.

Online Marketing Videos

As one of the fastest growing promotional mediums in history, web video has quickly become an essential ingredient for the success of any website. As an animation studio, Frantic’s experience in producing hundreds of explainer videos for a very diverse bunch of clients gives us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t when producing online video content. Whether you plan to post on YouTubeVimeo or Facebook, we understand what your customers will watch, how long they will watch it for, and where they will go next.

A great way of getting the the biggest bang for your buck is to cut your explainer video into shorter snippets. These can be used on social media and released piece by piece or targeted at specific audiences, to ensure maximum reach for your message, without investing any more money in production. You can see many examples of the explainer video format in our animation portfolio.

Animated Video Explainers

Adding an informative and enthusiastic voiceover to your video can make a complex concept truly accessible for viewers. The information that a voiceover provides means the content on screen can focus on key imagery and messages. It’s also a good idea to add music to compliment the voiceover and onscreen content by adding to the flow and atmosphere of the video explainer.

For a real wow factor, we can also add sound effects to your video. Whilst it may seem trivial, brilliantly produced sound design can really bring your video to life. This is especially important when working with character animation.

Explainer Video Production

The production process for an animated explainer video is fairly straightforward. Firstly, you need to decide on the main three messages that you want your viewer to take away. Then you need to write a script for the voiceover. We can write this for you based on some key information that you give us. Once the script is finalised, the next step is to develop a look for the video. This will usually reference your brand guidelines or website design. With the script and style now in place, it’s time to start animating! 

The animation process itself is the longest part of creating an explainer video. It usually takes between three and six weeks to animate. This timescale includes feedback points for you to give your input, to help ensure the explainer video is perfect. 

When producing an animated explainer video of this type, the final stage is to record a voiceover. There are many styles of voiceover, from bright and cheerful, to dramatic and serious. Which you choose depends on the impression you want to give your audience. 

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